1. heapster简介

Heapster是容器集群监控和性能分析工具,天然的支持Kubernetes和CoreOS。 Kubernetes有个出名的监控agent—cAdvisor。在每个kubernetes Node上都会运行cAdvisor,它会收集本机以及容器的监控数据(cpu,memory,filesystem,network,uptime)。

2. heapster部署与配置

2.1. 注意事项

需同步部署机器和被采集机器的时间:ntpdate time.windows.com


crontab –e

30 5 * /usr/sbin/ntpdate time.windows.com //每天早晨5点半执行

2.2. 容器式部署

docker pull heapster:latest
docker run -d -p 8082:8082 --net=host heapster:latest --source=kubernetes:http://<k8s-server-ip>:8080?inClusterConfig=false\&useServiceAccount=false --sink=influxdb:http://<influxdb-ip>:8086?db=<k8s_env_zone>

2.3. 配置说明


2.3.1. –source

–source: 指定数据获取源。这里指定kube-apiserver即可。 后缀参数: inClusterConfig: kubeletPort: 指定kubelet的使用端口,默认10255 kubeletHttps: 是否使用https去连接kubelets(默认:false) apiVersion: 指定K8S的apiversion insecure: 是否使用安全证书(默认:false) auth: 安全认证 useServiceAccount: 是否使用K8S的安全令牌

2.3.2. –sink

–sink: 指定后端数据存储。这里指定influxdb数据库。 后缀参数: user: InfluxDB用户 pw: InfluxDB密码 db: 数据库名 secure: 安全连接到InfluxDB(默认:false) withfields: 使用InfluxDB fields(默认:false)。

3. Metrics

分类 Metric Name Description 备注
cpu cpu/limit CPU hard limit in millicores. CPU上限
cpu/node_capacity Cpu capacity of a node. Node节点的CPU容量
cpu/node_allocatable Cpu allocatable of a node. Node节点可分配的CPU
cpu/node_reservation Share of cpu that is reserved on the node allocatable.
cpu/node_utilization CPU utilization as a share of node allocatable.
cpu/request CPU request (the guaranteed amount of resources) in millicores.
cpu/usage Cumulative CPU usage on all cores. CPU总使用量
cpu/usage_rate CPU usage on all cores in millicores.
filesystem filesystem/usage Total number of bytes consumed on a filesystem. 文件系统的使用量
filesystem/limit The total size of filesystem in bytes. 文件系统的使用上限
filesystem/available The number of available bytes remaining in a the filesystem 可用的文件系统容量
filesystem/inodes The number of available inodes in a the filesystem
filesystem/inodes_free The number of free inodes remaining in a the filesystem
memory memory/limit Memory hard limit in bytes. 内存上限
memory/major_page_faults Number of major page faults.
memory/major_page_faults_rate Number of major page faults per second.
memory/node_capacity Memory capacity of a node.
memory/node_allocatable Memory allocatable of a node.
memory/node_reservation Share of memory that is reserved on the node allocatable.
memory/node_utilization Memory utilization as a share of memory allocatable.
memory/page_faults Number of page faults.
memory/page_faults_rate Number of page faults per second.
memory/request Memory request (the guaranteed amount of resources) in bytes.
memory/usage Total memory usage.
memory/cache Cache memory usage.
memory/rss RSS memory usage.
memory/working_set Total working set usage. Working set is the memory being used and not easily dropped by the kernel.
network network/rx Cumulative number of bytes received over the network.
network/rx_errors Cumulative number of errors while receiving over the network.
network/rx_errors_rate Number of errors while receiving over the network per second.
network/rx_rate Number of bytes received over the network per second.
network/tx Cumulative number of bytes sent over the network
network/tx_errors Cumulative number of errors while sending over the network
network/tx_errors_rate Number of errors while sending over the network
network/tx_rate Number of bytes sent over the network per second.
uptime Number of milliseconds since the container was started. -

4. Labels

Label Name Description
pod_id Unique ID of a Pod
pod_name User-provided name of a Pod
pod_namespace The namespace of a Pod
container_base_image Base image for the container
container_name User-provided name of the container or full cgroup name for system containers
host_id Cloud-provider specified or user specified Identifier of a node
hostname Hostname where the container ran
labels Comma-separated(Default) list of user-provided labels. Format is 'key:value'
namespace_id UID of the namespace of a Pod
resource_id A unique identifier used to differentiate multiple metrics of the same type. e.x. Fs partitions under filesystem/usage

5. heapster API


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